Eurotunnel wants to be involved if Boris bridge to France goes ahead


Eurotunnel has said it is "right to be thinking about" building a new English Channel crossing and would want to be involved if the plans floated by Boris Johnson went ahead.

The Foreign Secretary's idea for a bridge, floated at a summit attended by French president Emmanuel Macron on Thursday, was "very interesting",  corporate affairs director John Keefe said.

Current Channel Tunnel traffic only runs at about 54% of total capacity but the company has the rights to build any second crossing until 2086.

A train leaves the Euro Tunnel at Coquelles in France.
A train leaves the tunnel at Coquelles in France (Chris Ison/PA)

Mr Keefe said it would be "decades" before the extra capacity was needed but fluctuating growth rates and changes in technology made it difficult to be more precise.

He told the Press Association: "It's certainly right to be thinking about it and it's something we consider on a regular basis.

"We look at the forecasts and we look at where we see traffic growth going and when we have got a stable period ahead of us then we can plan and predict."

He added: "It's a very interesting idea. We want to be involved if it gets developed, as it gets developed, but we think there is still a bit of growth to do first before it becomes necessary.

"If the economic, political and financial conditions were all favourable we would have first dibs on whether to do it or not.

"If the conditions are right, we want to be there."