Corbyn will create space for Labour to have next female leader - Angela Rayner

Jeremy Corbyn will create the space for Labour to have the next female leader, Angela Rayner has said.

The shadow education secretary criticised what she described as a cultural misogyny problem but praised strong male feminists in Labour.

Asked about her views of sexist bullying of women, the Ashton-under-Lyne MP told the Sunday Times magazine: "I think culturally we have a misogyny problem, not just in the Labour Party."

She added that she believes "some of the best feminists I know are men in the Labour movement".

Asked why the party has not yet had a woman as leader she said: "Watch this space. I think Jeremy will create the space for us to have the next female leader."

The 37-year-old has spoken openly about her tough childhood, growing up with a mother who struggled with mental health problems, and leaving school pregnant at 16.

She said her life experience had given her a certain resilience to cope with traumatic events in recent years including huge political changes with Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, as well as the murder of fellow MP and friend Jo Cox.

She told the magazine: "I think the resilience I've got from always having a chaotic, feral existence has actually helped me."