Lawyers for Worboys victims urge CPS to re-examine sex attack claims

Scores of cases against John Worboys should be re-considered, lawyers for victims of the notorious sex attacker have argued.

An outcry erupted last week after it emerged the 60-year-old former black-taxi driver was to be released from prison.

Worboys was jailed indefinitely in 2009, with a minimum term of eight years, for drugging and sexually assaulting women passengers.

He was convicted of 19 offences relating to 12 victims but is suspected of being one of the country's most prolific sex offenders after he was linked to more than 100 complaints in total.

Lawyers from Slater and Gordon and Birnberg Peirce have written to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) asking for cases that Worboys was not prosecuted for to be re-assessed.

The letter says: "As you would expect, our clients were shocked and dismayed to learn of Worboys' imminent release.

"However the purpose of this letter is to formally request that the CPS undertake a thorough review of all available evidence against Worboys to determine whether he can be prosecuted in respect of further offences.

"Worboys was only prosecuted in respect of a small fraction of the allegations against him."

Files relating to 83 separate complainants were referred to the CPS during the police investigation into Worboys.

Of those, 14 formed part of the trial, while the remaining cases did not pass the "evidential test".

Prior to the trial, the cases of three further complainants were assessed to have passed the evidential test but by that stage it was decided there were sufficient counts on the indictment to lead to an appropriate sentence.

Following conviction, the Metropolitan Police received allegations from a further 19 women.

A file was submitted to the CPS in respect of one complainant who alleged a sexual assault, which was found not to pass the evidential test.

A CPS spokesman said: "Our decision-making was on the basis of all available evidence and there are no plans to review it.

"We would consider further charging advice in the event of matters being referred to us by police.

"If cases did not pass the evidential test there would have to be new evidence available that altered that assessment before they could be prosecuted. No cases can be prosecuted unless they pass the test in the Code for Crown Prosecutors."

Last week Scotland Yard said no new information had been received and there is currently no live Met Police investigation.

The force added: "Should any further information come to light it will be fully investigated."