Men 'expecting bigger pay rises than women in 2018'

Men are expecting to get bigger pay rises over the next year than women, a survey has found.

On average, men predict their annual income to grow by £770.50 by this time next year while women only expect their pay to rise by £429.70, according to the Lloyds Bank Spending Power Report.

The survey of over 2,000 people from across the UK in November found 63% feel negative about current levels of inflation - a sharp increase of 14 percentage points since November 2016.

Two-thirds (66%) feel negative about the UK economy, up five percentage points on a year earlier.

And a similar proportion (65%) feel not good or not good at all about the housing market, up six percentage points on a year earlier.

Only 42% of home owners said they felt positive about the UK housing market in November, matching a low point for the survey in February 2017.

But home owners remain more confident than people who rent. Only a quarter (25%) of those who do not own their own home expressed a positive opinion.

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