Hike in number of households accepted as homeless in England

The number of households accepted as statutorily homeless and those living in temporary accommodation in England has increased, Government figures show.

Local authorities accepted 15,290 households as being statutorily homeless between July 1 and September 30, up 6% from 14,390 on the previous quarter and up 2% from 14,930 on the same quarter of last year.

These are households that are owed a main homelessness duty to secure accommodation as a result of being unintentionally homeless and in priority need, the report said.

The figures, released by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG), also show that on September 30 the number of households in temporary accommodation was 79,190.

That's up 6% from the same date last year, and up 65% on a low point of 48,010 on December 31 2010.

Meanwhile, local authorities took action to prevent and relieve homelessness for 52,190 households between July and September 2017, down 1% on 52,880 in the same quarter of 2016.

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