Theresa May's efforts in Brexit talks a shambles, Commons told

Theresa May's efforts to secure Brexit progress were labelled a "shambles" in the Commons as John Bercow sought to avoid a "spat" between MPs.

Labour's Peter Kyle criticised the Prime Minister for returning "empty-handed" following the conclusion of lunchtime talks in Brussels between her and European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker.

But Conservative David Davies, MP for Monmouth, dismissed this assessment and insisted the Europeans would be empty-handed if "they don't get their hands off our £50 billion".

Speaker Mr Bercow urged MPs to remain patient and noted a Commons statement on the latest talks was expected from the Government on Tuesday, as he warned against the exchanges turning into a "spat".

Raising a point of order, Mr Kyle said of the latest talks: "This is a shambles that puts into perspective the constitutional settlement for our country here.

"Can we expect her (Mrs May) to make a statement tomorrow?"

Mr Bercow replied: "It had been very much my expectation in any event that there would be a statement to this House this week.

"Though I cannot predict with certainty, I had anticipated and been given reason to believe that it would likely be tomorrow."

Mr Davies, in a further point of order, added: "The news is actually that Juncker is confident there will be a deal next week.

"Is it not wrong to say she's coming back empty-handed when there's almost certainly going to be a deal?

"Is it not the Europeans who are going to be empty-handed if they don't get their hands off our £50 billion?"

Mr Bercow replied: "I understand the impatience of (Mr Davies) but we mustn't allow this to become a spat between people who want to say all is well and those who want to say all is ill."

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