What the papers say - December 2

The continuing row over pornography allegations concerning First Minister Damian Green, the first official engagement for Meghan Markle and the confession by a former key aide to Donald trump of lying to the FBI dominate Saturday's front pages.

Several papers give priority to developments in the furore involving the Prime Minister's de facto deputy and the alleged discovery of thousands of explicit, but legal, images on a computer seized during a controversial raid on his parliamentary office.

Most of the papers carry images of Ms Markle, who on Friday stepped out on official business with husband-to-be Prince Harry for the first time.

And several carry the latest from Washington, where former national security adviser Michael Flynn admitted lying to the FBI investigators probing Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

The Times reports that a rift has opened up in Theresa May's Cabinet over what should happen to Mr Green after a former Scotland Yard detective, who was involved in the 2008 investigation, said there was "no doubt whatsoever" the then-shadow minister had amassed the images.

Under the headline "The minister for porn", the Daily Mirror reports there are growing calls for Mr Green to be sacked.

Meanwhile the Daily Mail says Conservatives are "at war with Scotland Yard" and reports that former officers have attempted to oust the First Minister.

The i reports on claims originally published in the Evening Standard that Mr Davis has threatened to quit if Mr Green is fired.

The Daily Telegraph also carries a front page report on Mr Green, alongside its main coverage of Michael Flynn, a Mr Trump's former national security adviser, who has admitted lying to the FBI in its investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

The Guardian says Mr Flynn's announcement that he is cooperating with prosecutors is a "startling breakthrough" for the investigation into potential collusion between Russia and Mr Trump's presidential campaign.

The Financial Times also covers the latest on the "Russia links" probe, while the paper also has an interview with former prime minister David Cameron, who expressed regret he was unable to do more to deal with the "huge" challenge funding social care for Britain's ageing population.

"Meghan mania" swept Nottingham on Friday, The Sun reports, as Harry and his bride-to-be were greeted by crowds on their first official engagement together.

And the Daily Express reports on a study linking obesity in middle age to an increased risk of dementia in later life.

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