Donations to Tories in quarter greater than those to all other parties

Donations to the Conservatives in three months to the end of September outstripped those to all the other political parties, according to the latest official figures.

The Electoral Commission said the Tories reported receiving donations of £3,701,470 in the third quarter of 2017, despite having lost their Commons majority in the general election earlier in the year.

Labour declared donations of £1,739,580 over the same period with the Co-operative Party receiving a further £30,000.

Despite their disappointing showing in the election, the Liberal Democrats received £610,444 while the SNP was given £44,039, Ukip £35,640 and the Green Party £26,550.

In all, the seven Great Britain political parties which declared donations received a total of £6,187,723 - broadly in line with the same period in 2016 but well down on the £40 million donated in thee previous three months which covered the election period.