What the papers say - November 22

Joyful scenes in Zimbabwe following the resignation of President Robert Mugabe feature prominently on Wednesday's front pages.

The Guardian reports on celebrations in the country's capital Harare after the long-time ruler "caved" to popular and political pressure, and carries a striking picture of Zimbabweans dancing in the street.

But the paper also warns the "new era" is "as uncertain as it is hopeful".

The Times describes Zimbabweans as being "ecstatic" at Mugabe's resignation, and says his departure marks the end of a "brutal" 37-year rule.

Carrying another eye-catching picture of jubilant Zimbabweans, the paper reports how his resignation leaves the Queen as the world's oldest head of state.

The theme of celebration is also picked up by the i, which describes scenes of "euphoria" and singing and dancing in the streets, while the Independent features a photo of people waving flags and carrying placards as they "cheer the end of a dictator".

The Daily Telegraph, meanwhile, reports how the move was "welcomed cautiously" by the West, as the UK and US urged a peaceful transition to democracy.

Away from Zimbabwe, the paper leads on the upcoming Budget, and reports that Theresa May's relationship with Chancellor Philip Hammond is "at breaking point" amid fears that the financial statement could fall flat.

The Daily Mirror also reports on political matters on the eve of the Budget, claiming that Theresa May "slashed £413 million" from police funding that she had said was safe from Tory cuts.

Elsewhere, the Daily Mail reports that savers were being urged to "boycott" banks which did not pass on this month's rise in interest rates.

And The Sun claims YouTube star Jack Maynard has been axed from I'm A Celebrity for alleged comments he made online.

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