Shops breathalyse customers who want to buy alcohol to curb street drinking

Two shops in Cardiff city centre are using breathalysers on customers who want to buy alcohol in a bid to clamp down on boozy anti-social behaviour.

The Spar stores, in Queen Street and St Mary Street, are employing the devices as part of an effort to curb street drinkers and are used to test if those wishing to purchase alcohol are too drunk.

The use of the breathalysers is part of a South Wales Police operation to reduce begging, street drinking and anti-social behaviour in the Welsh capital.

Chief Superintendent Belinda Davies, divisional commander for Cardiff, said: "Complaints from visitors, residents and businesses around the number of people begging and undertaking alcohol-related anti-social behaviour within the city centre have increased in recent months.

"Such behaviour can prove intimidating, unpleasant and unwelcoming to those visiting or working in the area."

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