Older workers admit 'retirement envy' over finances of generation above

Half of people approaching retirement admit being envious of the financial situation of the generation above them, a survey has found.

Some 50% of people in the final 10 years of work before their planned retirement date feel a sense of jealousy over the finances of those who have already stopped work, Prudential found.

Just over half (54%) believe they will be worse off when they eventually give up work.

Around a third (34%) regret not starting saving for their retirement earlier in their own working life.

Stan Russell, a retirement expert at Prudential, said: "We've seen the retirement incomes of new retirees creeping upwards in the last few years so it's not all bad news for those planning to give up work in the coming years.

"However we are also seeing it become far less common for people to retire with generous 'final-salary' pensions, so a degree of retirement envy among those still at work is understandable.

"But it is important to remember that for most people it isn't too late to take action and make a real difference to their quality of life when the time comes to stop work. So even later in their working life most people should benefit from saving as much as possible into their pensions and also ensuring the national insurance contributions they have made are sufficient to guarantee them the state pension."

More than 700 people who are up to 10 years away from retirement took part in the survey.

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