Seven homes with a spooky past

Caverswall Castle

Some people prefer a new home, all bright and shiny and ready for them to make their own mark.

Others like a bit of history, and enjoy the idea that their home has a story all of its own.

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But how far would you go? Would you share your house with ghosts, or rest easy knowing that it was once lived in by witches?

We look at seven houses on the market with a decidedly spooky style.

Caverswall, Staffordshire Moorlands

Caverswall Castle

One of the last great moated houses of England, Caverswall Castle has been home to both a civil war garrison and several orders of nuns - indeed, one nun is said to haunt the place. Dating back in parts to 1275, it was reworked in 1615. More recently, though - buyers will be relieved to hear - it's been brought into the 20th century, and has planning permission for conversion to a spa and wellness centre. The 18 bedrooms and nine reception rooms ooze atmosphere - and there's even a dungeon. Agents Paul Carr say that some of the furniture, including a wonderfully spooky four poster bed, can be included. There's a guide price of £5 million.

Kirkcudbright, Kirkcudbrightshire

Little Ross

You're on your own with the ghosts in this six-bedroom house on its own island off the south-west coast of Scotland. Nearly 60 years ago, Little Ross made headlines after lighthouse keeper Hugh Clark was murdered by his assistant, Robert Dickson. Now, the 29-acre island is up for sale, with a cosy six-bedroom house. Just make sure you don't murder the lighthouse keeper when he comes to make an inspection once or twice a year. Agents Galbraith are looking for offers over £325,000.

Sleaford, Lincolnshire

Rauceby Hospital

There's more than one reason to be creeped out by this nine-acre plot, which holds the abandoned Rauceby Hospital. Not only was the place a Victorian asylum, it was used as the set of a horror film called The Lucifer Effect. The film was said to be cursed, with one cast member almost throttling another, and the disappearance of the film's original director. Now, rather more boringly, the land is up for sale for redevelopment - although the council's insiting that the original buildings must stay. It costs £1 million through agent Lambert Smith Hampton.

Morriston, Swansea

Danbert House

Spooky Danbert House probably isn't set to look like this for much longer: planning permission has been requested for conversion into 15 flats. Built in the 1880s, it was the subject of a compulsory purchase order in 2015 after having been left derelict for years. Right now, it's got 15 bedrooms, though you'll have to take the estate agent's word for it: it's so dangerous that nobody's allowed inside. It's on the market with Clee Tompkinson Francis for just £149,950 - though it goes without saying that there'll be a fair bit to spend.

Burnley, Lancashire

West Close Farm

West Close Farm was once home to two of the infamous 'Pendle Witches', Anne Whittle and her daughter Anne Redferne. The pair, along with ten of their neighbours, were found guilty of murder by witchcraft in 1612 and hanged. Now, though, the house is a very pleasant but utterly unspooky home - indeed, the agents don't even mention its witchy past. It has four bedrooms, two receptions and three acres of land. There are some character features remaining, including a rather magical stone spiral staircase that rises from the kitchen. Agents Purplebricks are asking £650,000.

Dumbarton, Glasgow

A dramatic stained glass window

Robert the Bruce once hunted around Dalmoak Castle, but the present building was put up in the nineteenth century. It's most notable features are the wildly gothic stained glass windows, like something out of the Addams Family. Other features of the 16-bed house include ornate carving, fancy gilded ceilings, heavy plasterwork and panelling. It's been a nursing home and hospital in the past, but agents Housesimple suggest it would make a fine hotel or family home. They're looking for £1.7 million.

Central Hull

The Punch Hotel

The lease on the Punch Hotel in Hull's Queen Victoria Square is up for sale - but the new tenant may have to share. A ghost nicknamed Cedric has been spotted upstairs; two men and a woman are said to haunt the cellar; and ghost children have been seen playing behind the bar. However, with a turnover of over £40,000, agents Fleurets say it's got great potential for early evening and night trade. They're asking £65,000 for the lease.

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