Police blast teens for riding horses through Newcastle city centre


Police have criticised a group of teenagers for riding horses through a busy city centre.

A group of four youths without helmets were seen galloping down Northumberland Street in Newcastle on Sunday.

Northumbria Police's city centre Neighbourhood Inspector Steve Wykes said: "These individuals may be competent riders but the city centre is no place to take a horse, particularly one of the region's busiest high streets.

"On Sunday afternoon it was full of shoppers, including families with young children, and someone could easily have been hurt.

"None of those riding the horses were wearing safety equipment and if the horses were to be startled by traffic, a dog or a member of the public then these children could have hurt themselves. Our police horses often patrol the city centre but they have extensive training to police busy areas with high footfall crowds.

"We are still working to identify these children so we can speak to them about bringing horses into Newcastle and anyone who may know who they are should call us on 101."