London Mayor to visit six cities in six days on India and Pakistan trade mission

London Mayor Sadiq Khan is to visit India and Pakistan on a mission to drum up trade links between the capital and the two countries.

He is due to meet not only politicians and business leaders, but also figures in the Bollywood film industry as well as representatives of the sports, tech and education sectors during his six-day visit to six cities towards the end of this year.

His office said Mr Khan would be the first Mayor of London to visit India and Pakistan in a single trip, as well as the first major British politician to carry out a trade mission to both countries in recent times.

Only two cities in the world provide more investment in Pakistan than London, and 44% of the fastest growing Indian companies now have a base in the English capital.

Mr Khan said: "As someone whose grandparents were born in India, and whose parents moved to London from Pakistan, I feel a deep affinity for the subcontinent.

"But what excites me most about this trip is that I know it can deliver real benefits for Londoners - benefits in terms of business and trade, jobs and investment, and in terms of cultural and technological exchange.

"This is a really important mission as there are so many areas in which London can work with its counterparts across India and Pakistan, not only in business but in tackling some of the biggest challenges we all face - such as air pollution and climate change.

"I am passionate about showing that my city will always be open to engaging with partners from around the world, and I look forward to strengthening the bonds between London and our friends in India and Pakistan later this year."

Accompanied by his deputy mayor for business, Rajesh Agrawal, Mr Khan is due to visit Mumbai, Delhi and Amritsar in India, before heading to Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi in Pakistan.

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