What the papers say - October 5

The majority of Thursday's papers feature Theresa May's conference speech which was hampered by bad luck.

A stage invader handed the PM a P45 unemployment notice, a cough repeatedly bringing her oration to a halt, and letters fell off the party slogan on the backdrop behind her.

The Sun splash focuses on the missing letters on the backdrop at the conference hall in Manchester, suggesting Mrs May had a "nightmare".

Both the Daily Telegraph and the Metro focused on the prankster who handed up a fake P45, with the former calling the PM "luckless".

The Prime Minister's speech also features on the front of the Guardian who say the speech, which was aimed to reset public opinion, "backfired".

The same theme is picked up by the Financial Times, adding that Mrs May endured an "ordeal" and there is renewed speculation on her leadership.

The Daily Mirror pick up another message given by Theresa May at her party's conference, in which she signalled a change to the law on organ donation.

The paper has been running a campaign calling for action and their front page features a smiling Max Johnson who said he "can't believe it".

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