Welsh climber killed in rock fall at Yosemite named

A British climber who was crushed to death by falling rocks at Yosemite National Park has been named as Andrew Foster from Wales.

Mr Foster, 32, was trapped when more than 1,000 tonnes of rock fell from the face of the El Capitan monolith on Wednesday.

A spokesman for the park confirmed Mr Foster's identity, while his wife - who was also hiking - was injured and remains in hospital.

The pair, found with climbing equipment, are believed to have been scouting out the ascent from a trail when a "sheet" of granite around 40 metres by 20 metres plummeted from a height of 200 metres.

Speaking on Thursday, Scott Gediman, from the park, said: "With all the craziness I don't exactly know where they were going but chances are they were going up.

"From what I understand they were buried under rock... They were crushed by falling rocks."

He could not be specific about their injuries but said they were "consistent with tonnes of granite falling on you".

They are the only known casualties despite being with a group of other climbers when the series of collapses struck, but a search is ongoing.

One witness, Mike Kane, tweeted that the collapse was "very loud", adding it was a "miracle more (were) not hurt".

Meanwhile, a second rockfall at the site on Thursday left one person injured who was airlifted to hospital.

Mr Foster's death is the first fatality from a rock fall in the park in 18 years when another climber was killed, according to the parks service.

A Foreign Office spokesman said: "We are in contact with the local authorities and providing assistance to both families at this very difficult time."

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