UK and China agree to keep increasing pressure on North Korea over nuclear tests

China and Britain have agreed to continue to ramp up pressure on North Korea over its nuclear weapons testing, Downing Street has said.

In a telephone call, Theresa May and Chinese president Xi Jinping said the two nations have a "particular responsibility" to find a diplomatic solution to the crisis.

International tensions over the rogue state's missile testing escalated further as leader Kim Jong Un warned Donald Trump he would "pay dearly" after the US president threatened the total destruction of North Korea.

The US carried out a show of military power by flying US bombers and fighter escorts to the most northerly point of the border between North and South Korea on Sunday.

North Koreans were also added to a list of travellers that will face restrictions on entry to the United States under new rules introduced by Donald Trump.

China agreed to limit energy supplies to North Korea following international pressure to use its influence on Pyongyang.

The Prime Minister and president Xi agreed the situation in North Korea was deeply troubling, Downing Street said.

A spokesman added the leaders agreed "that North Korea's recent missile tests were a flagrant violation of international commitments.

"They agreed the latest sanctions were a powerful sign of the international community's unity in opposing North Korea's illegal tests and that strict implementation and enforcement of the sanctions was vital.

"They agreed that as joint permanent members of the UN Security Council, there was a particular responsibility on the UK and China to help find a diplomatic solution.

"They agreed the UK and China should continue working closely together to increase pressure on the North Korean regime to abandon its nuclear programme."

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