What is the best country for expats?

Senior couple on balcony of house overlooking ocean
Senior couple on balcony of house overlooking ocean

The prospect of Brexit isn't just putting people off moving to the UK - it's driving many Brits away too.

More than 100,000 Brits have already upped sticks and moved abroad since the EU referendum, in search of a better society, a better job or simply a bit more sunshine.

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But which ex-pat destinations will give you the best standard of living for your money?

New research from PeoplePerHour has revealed that India is the most economical place to live. Totting up expenses such as groceries, dining out, utilities, rent and broadband, the typical cost of living in India is just £523 per month – almost £1,200 less than the UK.

Other destinations for Brits aspiring to digital nomadism include Mexico, Brazil and Croatia: and with beautiful beaches, fabulous weather and amazing food, they make some of the cheapest destinations to live and work in.

Research from the University of Westminster shows that the average hourly rate for a freelancer on PeoplePerHour is £20.73. And Brits wanting to start a new life in any of these countries could expect to have more than 70% of their annual earnings left to play with once the everyday essentials have been covered.

In the UK, on the other hand, a substantial 59.71% of average earnings is taken up by essentials.

"The cost of living in the UK has been incrementally rising during the last few years, and with inflation making real-term wages fall for the third year in a row, people are constantly looking for ways to make their money go further," says Xenios Thrasyvoulou, founder and CEO of PeoplePerHour.

"On the surface it might seem counter-intuitive, with the expenses of travel to take into account, but digital nomadism could be the answer for those with a willingness to move."

Those who like a tipple should probably avoid Singapore - it's the most expensive place to buy a bottle of wine. And you'll need to be pretty successful to emigrate to Bermuda, where the average cost of living is £5,122 a month. It's also the most expensive country for broadband.

"While the average British salary crept up by 4.25% between 2010 and 2015, the freelancer rates rose 26.83% in the same period, putting freelance hourly rates 36% above those of their employed counterparts," says Thrasyvoulou.

"Taking this into account, the prospect of living abroad while working globally is becoming increasingly attractive to frustrated Brits."

Average monthly cost of living abroad

India: £523.04
Philippines: £629.96
Mexico: £669.44
Malaysia: £690.49
Vietnam: £842.55
Russia: £884.22
China: £925.38
Thailand: £943.59
Brazil: £954.05
Jamaica: £964.72
Croatia: £992.03
Portugal: £1,035.9
South Africa: £1,047.32
Cyprus: £1,057.12
Greece: £1,058.54
Costa Rica: £1,125.6
Spain: £1,248.78
France: £1,368.17
Malta: £1,473.52
Barbados: £1,583.12
Japan: £1,595.63
Canada: £1,619.26
Germany: £1,681.16
UK: £1,716.61
Belgium: £1,814.89
Denmark: £1,845.15
USA: £1,929.58
Australia: £1,997.79
Singapore: £2,547.9
UAE: £2,628.48
Switzerland: £3,243.39
Hong Kong: £3,227.565
Bermuda: £5,122.35