Kind bus driver pays for worried schoolgirl's taxi

The incident on the bus

A Leeds bus driver has been praised for taking pity on a young girl who was scared she was going to be late for school.

Seeing the girl, aged around 11 or 12, standing at a bus stop visibly upset, he pulled over to see if she was OK.

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It turned out that the girl had missed her bus as she'd been waiting at the wrong stop - so the driver asked passengers for the number of a cab firm.

He arranged for a taxi to meet the girl at a nearby store and gave her enough cash to pay for it.

The driver's good deed was spotted by Lynsey Jayes, who praised him on Facebook.

"This bus driver on the number 16 this morning deserves a huge pat on the back... a young girl waiting for the bus at the wrong side of the road and was upset she would be late for her first day at high school," shew wrote.

"The driver not only phoned her a taxi, he walked her to Tesco and he paid for it... now that is a reason I don't mind my bus running late."

Her post has been shared nearly three thousand times.

As Ms Jayes says, "Not often you see such a kind act on the school run."

The bus driver's good deed held passengers up by a few minutes - but he checked with them first that this was ok, and operator First West Yorkshire doesn't seem to mind.

"We are delighted with the actions of our driver, who has shown exceptional customer awareness and consideration for this young girl, who was clearly very upset," it tells the Yorkshire Evening Post.

"First West Yorkshire is grateful to Lynsey Jayes for highlighting our driver's actions and to the many customers and other members of the public for their kind comments."

The company says the 44-year-old driver, who's been in the job for two-and-a-half years, will now be considered for an award.

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