Woman sues airline after being burned with scalding hot tea

A woman is suing JetBlue airlines after suffering second and third degree burns on her bottom because of a spilled of tea.

Michelle Lavin was seriously burned on her trip from New York to Las Vegas in 2014, she told the New York Post that she accidentally knocked over a cup of scalding tea yet she says the treatment she got from the airline was far worse than the burn itself.

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She filed a lawsuit against the airline saying she was treated 'like a child' when asking for help.

She claims in a Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit the flight attendant brought her a cup of tea so hot it was not "fit for human consumption" and was filled to the brim.

Lavin said it felt like her 'pants were on fire' and that after her pain wasn't being addressed she found no other choice than to pull down her pants.

The burns left the flight attendants shocked and they were much nicer to her after seeing them.

The suit is being filed three years later, because according to the New York Post Michelle initially wanted to avoid litigation but then JetBlue 'treated her like dirt.'

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