Win a free burger if you get fired

Get a free burger when you get fired
Get a free burger when you get fired

If you have been fired and are willing to share it with the business world on Linkedin, you could be getting a gift from Burger King.

Whopper Severance packages are here if you are willing to share your story.

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All they have to do is share that they were fired on LinkedIn with the hashtag whopper severance and quote "Own their fire".

The first 2500 people who write "I got fired. I want a free Whopper. #whopperseverance."

And the reward is a severance package including a gift card for Whoppers.

Burger King's global brand manager said quote: "We know getting fired sucks, but getting a free Whopper doesn't."

That is true, and the first 100 people who admit publicly that they were fired will also get 30 minutes of one-on-one someone from The Muse, a company that specializes in career satisfaction.

Getting fired can leave a bad taste in your mouth, but a delicious Whopper might help.