Sir Michael Fallon welcomes recapture of Iraqi town from Islamic State

Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon has welcomed the Iraqi recapture of the town of Tal Afar from Islamic State.

The RAF helped in the battle as part of an international coalition against the militant organisation.

Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi said the northern town had been "fully liberated" and Islamic State's choice now was between "death or surrender".

Sir Michael, who refers to Islamic State as Daesh, said: "I congratulate Prime Minister Abadi, and all of the Iraqi security forces who are fighting on the ground with great bravery and care to end Daesh's barbarous presence in Iraq.

"While the Iraqi forces and the coalition have ended Daesh's control in the Tal Afar area, the task is not yet done. The UK will continue to support the Iraqi security forces in their efforts to finally clear Daesh from their country."

The comments came as the Ministry of Defence released video of an RAF Brimstone missile strike on a truck near Tal Afar last week.

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