The new Queensferry Crossing in numbers

The Queensferry Crossing will open to traffic this week, more than a decade after plans were first drawn up.

Joining the Forth road and rail bridges connecting Edinburgh and Fife, the long-awaited opening comes among a host of events to mark the occasion, including a public walk across the bridge and a visit from the Queen.

Here we take a look at the Queensferry Crossing in numbers:

:: 1.7 miles across - making it the longest three-tower, cable-stayed bridge in the world.

:: 24 million vehicles are expected to use the crossing each year, easing the strain on the Forth road bridge.

:: £1.45 billion cost of the project, down from the original estimate of £3.2 to £4.2 billion.

:: 35,000 tonnes of steel used during construction, 7,000 tonnes alone for the north and south viaducts.

The new Queensferry Crossing being built
(Jane Barlow/PA)

:: 23,000 miles of cables supporting the bridge, almost enough to wrap around the world.

:: 150,000 tonnes of concrete poured over the course of the project, nearly the same amount used for the entire London Olympic Park and athletes village.

:: 210m tall, making it the tallest structure in Scotland and the highest bridge towers in the UK.

Not sure what to expect when the Queensferry Crossing opens? This page explains which roads will be open and when:

-- The Forth Bridges (@TheForthBridges) August 19, 2017

:: 10 million man hours involved in the construction.

:: 122 sections make up the bridge deck, each one weighing up to 750 tonnes.

:: 65 options were considered before the cable-stayed bridge design of the Queensferry Crossing was selected.

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