Corbyn reverses Bake Off boycott and reveals his favourite sweet treat

Jeremy Corbyn will not be boycotting the Channel 4 version of the Great British Bake Off, despite previously suggesting the iconic TV show should be nationalised.

The Labour leader last year waded into the controversy over the poaching of the hit programme from the BBC, telling a rally that he approved of a banner reading "Nationalise Bake Off" and asking supporters: "The public lost ownership of Bake Off. Shall we get it back?"

But days ahead of the return of the tent-based contest to TV screens on Tuesday, Mr Corbyn told student journalism website The Tab that he will be tuning in to the new-style show.

"I've checked out the timing and it works for me," he said.

Mr Corbyn revealed his own recipe for Christmas cake, but said it would be no good for Bake-Off's against-the-clock format, as it takes too long to make.

And despite previously saying that he avoided biscuits because he was "totally anti-sugar", he admitted that his favourite baking treat was packed with the sweet stuff and "not very healthy".

"What I like making, but it wouldn't really work for Bake Off because it takes too long, is Christmas cake," said Mr Corbyn. "It's quite a long affair to make. One and a half kilos of fruit, flour, four or five hundred grams of butter - it's not very healthy - a lot of sugar, eight eggs, and an awful lot of spices.

"I do it all myself and it takes quite a while to do. Then I'll add something that gives it a bit of flavour - whisky, sherry, whisky's the best - put that in and bake it for at least five hours. I'll make it in November and come Christmas time, I'll cut it up and give it to family and friends. I enjoy doing it."

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