Don't fall for this EasyJet scam on Facebook

Emma Woollacott
Don't fall for this EasyJet scam
Don't fall for this EasyJet scam
The scam post
The scam post

If it looks too good to be true, then it probably is.

EasyJet is warning customers to be on their guard against a new Facebook scam doing the rounds.

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A post purporting to be from the airline is offering two free flights to everybody, to celebrate its 22nd anniversary.

It links to a malware website that then asks users to take part in a three-step survey, collecting their Facebook details on the way.

"Clicking on it will take you to a questionnaire, they're just after your details," Cheshire Trading Standards warns.

Users are told there are only a limited number of tickets left - and asked to share the offer with their Facebook friends.

"We've been made aware of a scam competition on Facebook," says EasyJet. "Please ignore this, as it's not official. Only follow this account for updates, competitions and offers."

However, some Facebook users say they were taken in.

"I didn't look at the questionnaire. I was just so excited that there might be a chance for free flight to Egypt," writes one. "In the university of life we will always make mistakes."

Others, though, are more cynical, with one user commenting: "If its something from EasyJet that you don't have to pay for... it will be a scam."

In fact, there are plenty of other signs that the post isn't all it seems. The questionnaire is badly written, and the URL - - isn't the official site, and doesn't carry the 'blue tick' of authenticity.

And a near-identical scam exploiting Ryanair is still doing the rounds, after appearing last week. Again, it claims to offer free tickets to celebrate an anniversary, but links to a malware site.

"Warning, don't be fooled by this scam page. This is not an official Ryanair account or promotion," Ryanair warns.

"Remember, if it doesn't have the 'blue tick' verification, it's not the official Ryanair account."

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