Hollywood star’s holiday home for sale: in an unexpected town

Celebrity holiday home

Frinton-On-Sea isn't generally known for its star power, but perhaps that's what attracted the Hollywood elite to the Essex Seaside town. The man once known as the King of Hollywood leased this beautiful five-bedroom home, and among his guests here was the future King Edward VIIIth.

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Douglas Fairbanks was a Hollywood Star of the 1920s and 30s. He was most famous for playing Zorro, but also made his mark as a swashbuckling Robin Hood. Along with his best friend Charlie Chaplin he founded his own Hollywood Studio, and even helped set up The Oscars.


According to the current owners, when Fairbanks met the future king, the Hollywood star's reputation with a sword, and the future king's fencing prowess meant they gave an exhibition of sword fighting on the back lawn of the property.

Fairbanks was known to be a huge proponent of fresh air and exercise, which may be what attracted him to this stunning Edwardian home on the Essex coast. It's a beautiful home, and while it might not be the kind of sprawling mansion a modern celebrity would choose - with its endless leisure complexes and staff accommodation - it has an enormous amount of charm.

Living room

It also offers all kinds of things Fairbanks would approve of. There's plenty of entertaining space - including a sitting room with room for a grand piano - just in case a future king pops by.

dining room

Fairbanks would also be pleased to hear there's a cinema room, as well as a dining room with space for 10 people.

There's a games room in the loft, and Fairbanks would be equally delighted to know there's a gym up there too. He famously had a gym built in his studio, plus an underground running circuit, so he could go for a run in the altogether between takes.

master bedroom

Of the five bedrooms, the most impressive is the master bedroom, with its own dressing room and ensuite.

On a more practical level, it's walking distance to the station, and trains run direct to Liverpool Street, so for just £995,000 you can get a beautiful property by the sea, with a fantastic history, and a decent commute into London.

It's hard to find anything not to love, but what do you think? Would you spend almost £1 million on it? Let us know in the comments.

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