Old iPods sell for thousands on eBay - what’s yours worth?

Classic 2nd generation iPod in back jean pocket

eBay is selling an iPod-related product every 30 seconds right now. Apple's decision to discontinue the iPod and iPod Nano has caused a flood of people to the site trying to get their hands on the technology.

eBay says demand is still growing, and that anyone with an old iPod could take the opportunity to cash in.

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Over the past three months there have been 395,000 sales of iPod related products, and buyers keep coming. Some of the demand is from nostalgic collectors, and some from those who simply want an iPod so they can access Apple technology without all the cost of a phone.

It means that whatever kind of iPod you have - and whatever condition it is in - you could make a decent sum by selling it on.

If you're going to get the highest possible price for your old tech, it's worth following the seven golden rules.

1. Research the right price

Find out what items like yours are selling for on eBay. The prices vary enormously depending on the model and its condition. The iPod Classics, for example, tend to fetch the highest prices, and those in their original packaging - especially when they are still sealed - are particularly valuable. Really rare examples sealed in their boxes (particularly limited editions) have sold for tens of thousands of pounds.

However, even perfectly ordinary iPods sealed in their box can fetch hundreds of pounds. A 7th Generation iPod Classic still in its box, for example, sold in June for £676.45, and in August a 1st Generation iPod Nano in its box sold for £486.77.

If you have already used the item, you can still get a decent price. Without the box, and without the headphones, a similar used iPod Classic in good condition sold in August for £165.

At the other end of the spectrum, even if it's completely broken, you could get a few quid by selling it for spares.

2. Prepare your item

Start by cleaning it up: don't use liquid on it though - as you could end up damaging it. If you have kept any of the original packaging, then put it back into its box, because that will get you a better price.

3. Take decent photos

Take your time taking the best possible photographs - including multiple photos from different angles. Clean white backgrounds are a safe choice and be sure to show any packaging.

4. Be honest

You need to come clean about any marks and scratches - and whether there are any faults - from the start. People will still buy a damaged product, but if they are expecting one in perfect condition and it arrives scratched or broken, you'll end up having to refund them - and you'll pick up some terrible feedback. As well as describing any flaws, your photos need to clearly show the condition of the product.

5. Write your listing carefully

Make sure you include the brand name in the title, along with the generation, the colour and the memory size. Your listing title should be clear and relevant - and most importantly of all you need to spell everything correctly. Bad spelling means there's a risk nobody will find your listing.

6. Offer free shipping
Many electronic items are small enough to be shipped inexpensively, so it's a great way to make buying from you that much more attractive. It could also help target buyers who filter their searches to see only items with free shipping.

7. Get the timing right
Generally, the best time to end an auction is on a Sunday evening. This is when buyers have the time to browse and bid. It's worth going for a ten day auction in order to attract as many bids as possible, so the best time to list it is on a Thursday evening. It's also worth considering how much of a rush you are in. If you want to cash in right now, you can list it straight away. If you're in no rush, you might want to wait for the end of the holiday season, so your buyers are all at home.

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