Thousands of dollars in Australian cash found in Scottish museum

Cash Payment
Cash Payment

An Australian tourist appears to have been left out of pocket after leaving thousands of dollars at a Scottish museum.

The wad of cash was found at the Biggar Museum in Lanarkshire and thought to have been left there last Thursday.

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The Herald Sun reported that the cash was stored along with a transaction receipt which has the owner's name on as well as the date and location of purchase, which was Melbourne on 20 July.

The police have stated that, despite repeated attempts, they have been unable to get hold of the owner.

Local police took to Facebook to appeal to the owner, writing: "We believe the money belongs to an Australian tourist and that he or she may have unknowingly dropped it when visiting the museum in the town on Wednesday 2 August."

They added: "Just to let others know, we do know who it belongs to as we have the relevant paperwork. So if it's not yours, don't call to claim it!!"

If you have any information regarding the matter then you should contact Biggar Police Office via 101 quoting reference number 2071/03/08.