Chloe Grace Moretz on Ivanka and Melania Trump: 'Women deserve better role models'

Emily Sheridan
Variety Power Of Young Hollywood - Arrivals
Variety Power Of Young Hollywood - Arrivals

Actress Chloe Grace Moretz has criticised Ivanka and Melania Trump for failing to speak out for women.

The Hollywood star, who championed Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton in the US Presidential elections, said she believed the Trump women aren't good role models.

Moretz, 20, told Variety magazine: "I wish they were more aware of their surroundings and I wish they were more aware of what their husband and father are doing.

"It pains me to see people who are just speaking through this veiled curtain of privilege and they have no compass of what is real."

Despite Ivanka's pledge to support working women since her father came to power, many critics have claimed her version of 'feminism' only applies to privileged white women who can afford full-time childcare and her career success is down to 'nepotism' rather than hard work.

Like many, Chloe was horrified when she heard the tapes of President Donald Trump referring to "grabbing women by the p***y" last year.

She continued: "I think that young women deserve better role models. And I hate to see the way that Melania is treated — I think that she is treated really badly, and I hate to see a woman who is not respected by her own husband, and a daughter who doesn't see that she is disrespected by her father."

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