This Australian cafe has a gender tax for men

This cafe in Australia is charging men a 18% gender tax in the hopes of raising awareness of gender inequality.

Women in Australia are currently paid 17.7% less than men.

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Iceland has the lowest gender wage gap, at a rate of 17%.

The cafe's gender tax is only implemented once a week and is on a volunteer basis.

Reactions to the informal policy have been mixed.

Writing on Twitter, Margot Fink, said: "Highlighting wage gap in a very tangible way and creating spaces for and by women. As long as it's trans inclusive it sounds great."

However, Twitter user MMKreasionMM said: "Err Gender Cafe Tax? NEWSFLASH without men there are no women. Back to school..."

Josh Elliott had a more positive view, writing: "As a man - no problen with it at all. No reason women shouldn't have their own spaces and be able to dictate what the rules are in them."