Crazy money offered for Trump lookalike - could you do it?

Sarah Coles
US President Donald J. Trump
US President Donald J. Trump

Do you look like Donald Trump? Could you stay in character for up to eight hours at a time? Are you happy to get your hair coiffed on a daily basis and a spray tan every week?

If so, then you could earn £50,000 a year for your trouble. In fact, you don't have to look like Trump to make money from the business - you don't have to look like anyone at all.

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The job has been advertised by Team Tactics, which is looking for someone to play POTUS on its Apprentice-themed corporate treasure hunts. It says: "The pay is so high due to the unpopularity of Donald Trump in the UK and the demands of the job, as candidates must stay in character for hours at a time. This, coupled with the unique appearance of the president means finding somebody suitable is proving more difficult than the founders anticipated."

The job isn't quite the glorious money-spinner is sounds, as you won't be working full-time. The pay actually works out as £200 per day, but that's still pretty good money for showing up and saying 'Bigly' a lot.

Can you do it?

To make money as a lookalike, it helps if you actually look like someone (at least a bit). If you have a passing resemblance to a celebrity, you can invest in wigs and clothes, take a few photos, and get yourself signed up to an agency. For the right celebrity in the right location, you can make £100 a day.

If you have a particularly impressive resemblance to the celebrity, you can make even more. Those at the very top of their game - and those who look like someone at the peak of their fame - can make as much as £500 for a four-hour session - although you'll need to pay 20% to most agents.

There are a few outliers who make really crazy money. Heidi Agan, the world's top Kate Middleton lookalike, for example, makes up to £3,000 a day.

There's the odd look-a-like, who is trying a new approach to the business. Thaddeus Kalinoski, for example, bears a striking resemblance to Zach Galifianakis (when he was playing Alan in The Hangover), so he moved to Las Vegas, where people hired him for $1,000 to party with them. He was making £205,000 a year, before he decided to call it a day.

What if you don't look like a celeb?

You could even make money from the industry if you don't bear a resemblance to anyone., for example is currently advertising for Santa lookalikes, and anyone with the ability to grow a beard and dye it white could qualify. It is recruiting for a number of garden centres around the country, with pay of £9.55 an hour. An 8-hour shift would therefore earn you £76.40.

Similarly, if you're willing to don a princess outfit and have a passing resemblance to Belle, Moana or Anna, you could earn £20 an hour for Princess-themed party entertainment. If you could cram in a couple of parties a day, you could make £80 for four-hours of smiling and being nice to children.

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