Most schoolchildren 'will lose or damage uniform in new term'

Nearly two-thirds of schoolchildren will lose or damage their school uniform or equipment within the first term of the new academic year, research suggests.

As families stock up on "back to school" items over the summer holidays, a survey of parents of children aged four to 16 years old found 61% of youngsters have previously lost or damaged their kit within the first school term.

School jumpers, shoes and PE kits are the items most likely to be damaged or disappear, the research found, while musical instruments and laptops are less common but more costly items to be battered or lost.

Lunch money, house keys, pencil cases, textbooks and school ties were also found to be items likely to go missing. 

Half (50%) of parents surveyed worry about their child breaking or losing an item they need for school due to the expense of replacing it. 

The survey, from technology firm Dell, found 54% of parents said they would be unlikely to be able to afford replacement items if needed.

More than 2,000 parents from across the UK with children at school took part in the survey.

Here are the items most likely to be lost or damaged by schoolchildren, according to the survey from Dell, with the percentage of parents who said their child previously had done this:

1. Jumper, 44%

2. Shoes, 43%

3. Item of PE kit, 42%

4. Shirt, 38%

5. Trousers, shorts or skirt, 37%

6. Pencil case or stationary, 31%

7. Lunch box, 29%

8. School bag, 28%

9. Textbook, 27%

10. School tie, 22%

11. Lunch money, 21%

12. School cap, 14%

=13. Laptop, 12%

=13. Musical instrument, 12%

15. House keys, 11%

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