The best moments from Prince George's fourth year

Here are some of Prince George's top moments from the last year:

:: The reluctant diplomat

George eventually joined his parents and little sister Prince Charlotte for a red carpet arrival in Warsaw, Poland, in the run up to his fourth birthday.

But the boy who will one day be king appears to have inherited his father's love of flying and needed a little encouragement to exit the plane.

On the tarmac, shy George fidgeted, swung his right leg backwards and forwards before wrapping it around his left, and kept one of his hands inside the pocket of his trademark shorts.

Two days later in Germany, the youngster appeared a little bored with the formalities of the official welcome and at one point buried his face in his arm as William chatted to the dignitaries.

:: Bored on the balcony

The Prince stole the show when the royals celebrated the Queen's official 91st birthday at Trooping the Colour in June.

Resting his chin on his hand with a bored look on his face, George appeared unimpressed with the sight before him on what was his third appearance on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

But he cheered up a bit when he spotted the flypast.

Royal visit to Poland - Day One
Royal visit to Poland - Day One

:: George as pageboy

George - in gold knickerbockers - had a leading role at aunt Pippa Middleton's wedding in May.

But the Prince was kept in check by his mother, who told him off after he appeared to step on the bride's carefully arranged train.

:: Trudeau's high five

The Cambridges headed to Canada in September 2016 and George showed himself to be adept at demonstrating old fashioned British reserve.

When popular Canadian PM Justin Trudeau attempted to greet him with a high five, low five and a handshake, the third in line to throne rebuffed the attempt with a shake of his head.

"Sorry, one doesn't high-five with commoners" one media headline joked after the encounter.

:: Bubbles and balloons

George was transfixed by the bubbles and balloons at the children's tea party in Victoria, Canada.

The youngster enjoyed a ride on a miniature pony, ran around squirting his father and sister with an orange bubble gun and was shown how to blow bubbles by William.

As the delighted prince spotted a balloon animal being made for Charlotte, he ran over to his mother and said: "But I want one, can I have one?"

:: I'm going to fly us to England

Aspiring pilot George jumped at the chance to take the controls of a seaplane in Vancouver.

He left Victoria, British Colombia, with his nose squashed against the window and his ear defenders on.

Pilot Shawn Stewart said George climbed into the co-pilot's seat after they landed and started playing with the controls and pretending he was flying the plane.

"Kate said: 'Where are you going to fly us? Are you going to fly us to Canada?' And George said: 'No I'm going to fly us to England,'" he revealed.