7 really weird things for sale on eBay right now

wasps' nest

eBay has brought some really weird stuff into our lives - from the woman who was famously offered thousands for a loom band dress, to the enthusiastic opportunist who tried to sell a jar of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's breath. But it's not just one or two famously odd auction items on the site, every day there are weird items uploaded all over the world.

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In fact, at the click of a button you can seek out and buy 'weird stuff' and can even filter by 'really weird', 'unusual', or 'totally bizarre'. We reveal some of the bizarre things for sale on eBay right now.

egg holder

1. Egg stand in the shape of a skull
It's the kind of egg holder that will make something of a statement in your kitchen, although exactly what that statement is could be hard to pin down. For just £18.99 this hand painted 'kitchen collectible' could take pride of place in your kitchen.

2. Selection of adult teeth

This collection of six teeth is being sold as 'vintage' with the warning that there has been some wear and tear. So far it has failed to reach its reserve price of £25.99 - and it hasn't racked up any bids.

Mummified bat

3. Mummified bat in a bell jar

This taxidermy oddity is a minute fruit bat, preserved for all eternity, and ready to grace your shelves for the bargain price of £37.99. It may not be to everyone's tastes, but it obviously has found its fans, because of the six that have been made, three have already sold.

4. Jar of air

There are a couple of versions of this on sale at any given time, but this one deserves a mention for its optimistic pricing. This 1l jar of 'Fresh Pure Snowdonia Welsh Mountain Air Harvested from Snowdon' is priced at £90.30. The listing reads: "Jars of air make perfect gifts. Either for your own breathing pleasure or to give to others. They also make great novelty gifts and are superb stocking fillers." It's hard to imagine many people forking out £90 for a stocking filler though.

cat unicorn horn

5. Cat Unicorn Horn

You may never have realised that your cat needed an inflatable unicorn horn, but for just $5.95 it seems foolish not to. Just look how much the cat in the photo is enjoying it.

6. Horse sound effects

This vinyl record is being sold as the perfect gift for someone who loves horses. It's a bold claim, especially when it's a sound effect of a horse on gravel. You'd have to REALLY love horses to pay £4.99 for this.

7. A wasp's nest

Just because you have finished with the wasps' nest taking up valuable space in your caravan cupboard, it doesn't mean you should throw it away. What you need to do is follow this seller's example and put it on eBay for £12.99. There are no bids as yet, but the seller says it's a great opportunity to see how they are made.

Woman lists her Mini on eBay with unflattering description
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Woman lists her Mini on eBay with unflattering description

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