Apps to save you money on parking

How to find the cheapest place to park
How to find the cheapest place to park

Nobody likes paying for parking. In fact, a study a couple of years ranked it as the thing we most resent paying for. A recent study showed that 51% of us say it's terrible value for money (we even think designer clothes and income tax offer a better deal). But we don't have to put up with overpriced parking, because technology offers a solution.

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There are a handful of apps out there that can cut your parking costs dramatically. Whether you're looking for a cheap place to park near work, or the best options in a new area, they can help you find somewhere cheaper to leave your car. Most of them will be able to track down the cheapest car park for your needs - and one brings together spaces on people's drives and in private garages too.

This app can help you avoid paying for parking altogether, by highlighting free parking spaces nearby. Failing that, it will also show you the cost of every car park and paid-for space in the immediate area for the length of time you specify, and will highlight the cheapest. Once you have picked a parking space, it even offers directions.

Just Park
This app is a bit like Airbnb for parking spaces. It brings together spaces on driveways, in private car parks and in garages in the area. It lists them by distance, shows the price, and lets you book and pay for spaces within the app. There's also a ratings system, which will show you whether renting a space is going to prove stress-free or not.

Appy Parking
This currently only works in 11 cities in the UK, but is clever enough to merit inclusion in any list of parking apps. It uses sensors and real-time information to show where there is parking available - and you can specify whether you want to search for on-street, off-street, free or paid for parking. It also allows you to filter available spaces by the cheapest or the nearest ones available.

AA Parking
This app lets you search using your current location, or enter an address, and it will find the cheapest and most convenient car parks around. In some cases it offers real-time information on whether there are spaces available, and it offers directions to the car park entrance. It wins points for being easy to use, and making it simple to compare prices.