Holding a divorce party? The bizarre products you can buy

Emma Woollacott
Bride and groom figurines standing on two separated slices of wedding cake
Bride and groom figurines standing on two separated slices of wedding cake

Tara Ecclestone, the daughter of Formula 1 billionaire Bernie Ecclestone, is reportedly holding a party this week to celebrate her divorce.

According to the Sun, the 28-year-old heiress has been spotted having candy floss machines, a bouncy castle and - for some reason - four rabbits, two alpacas and a pygmy goat delivered to her £75 million home in Chelsea in preparation for the bash.

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She's celebrating the end of her seven-year marriage to millionaire businessman James Stunt, with whom she has three children.

And she's not the only one, with more and more divorcees throwing a party to mark the end of their marriage and the start of a new life.

Unsurprisingly, businesses have spotted a new market, and there's a range of weird and wonderful products now available to help you celebrate: here's our round-up of some of the best.

A cake
Many cake-makers will be happy to produce a cake celebrating your divorce, but there's no reason why you can't do it yourself. Companies such as Yummytoppers produce edible icing sheets, which can be tailored to your requirements. Meanwhile, if cupcakes are more your thing, you might want to look at the cake toppers from Made4You: 'Just Divorced', 'End of an Error' and 'Ding Dong the Jerk is Gone'.

If you want to brighten your house up for the big occasion, you'll need a few decorations. You can buy a 20-foot tape reading 'divorce party' for £19.70, and a matching pack of whirly decorations for £4.30.

Party games
Pin It & Spin It is a game of dares, including Make A Nasty Toast To Your Ex and Drink a Double, Start Some Trouble, and costs £18.75. You might also like Pin The Tail On The Ex.

Photo booth props
Glasses reading 'Single'; stickers and slogans on sticks: there are 20 different items in this kit, which costs £18.99.

Sashes and badges
There's no reason why your divorce party shouldn't involve the same sort of accessories as a hen party - but with a bit of a twist. You can buy a 'happy divorce' sash, for example, along with special head-boppers or, best of all, a badge reading 'Just divorced, buy me a drink'.