22% of Scots lacking basic digital skills, researchers find

More than a fifth of people in Scotland lack the basic digital skills to help them save money by banking and shopping online, a study has claimed.

The figure of 22% revealed in the Bank of Scotland consumer digital index is one per cent higher than the UK average.

Researchers said it means those living in Scotland are at a higher than average risk of losing out on savings as they shop and bank.

The index - which measures both the skills and behaviours of participants - also showed those with high digital capabilities are saving more than twice as much and nearly twice as often as those with lower capability.

The research found 13% of adults in Scotland do not use the internet compared with the UK average of 9% and 26% of Scots could not cope for more than a month without their regular income.

Philip Grant, Lloyds Banking Group's ambassador for Scotland, said: "Overall, basic digital skills in Scotland are not as strong as the national average.

"When we know that these skills can be so powerful when it comes to helping people save and manage their money, we want to make sure that the pace of technology evolution doesn't leave some people behind.

"Those offline can be hard to reach but trusted faces around local communities across Scotland can really help.

"It's why we have more than 4,500 digital champions in Scotland, helping individuals and organisations to improve their online skills."

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