10 famous women who earn more than their husbands

The gender pay gap is a significant issue not just here in the UK but across the pond in the USA as well.

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But luckily, the gap is closing, and not just in standard workplaces, but it Hollywood too.

These ten famous women earn more that their celebrity husbands, take a look at the list to see if you're surprised by any of the results!

Jessica Alba, actress
Net worth: $350m

Cash Warren, actor
Net worth: $10m

Melissa McCarthy, actress
Net worth: $50m

Ben Falcone, actor
Net worth: $2m

Tina Fey, actress/writer
Net worth: $65m

Jeff Richmond, producer/composer
Net worth: $2m

Jennifer Aniston, actress
Net worth: $200m

Justin Theroux, actor
Net worth: $20m

Carrie Underwood, singer
Net worth: $85m

Mike Fisher, NHL player
Net worth: $30m

Kelly Ripa, TV host/actress
Net worth: $100m

Mark Consuelos, actor
Net worth: $40m

Giselle Bundchen, supermodel
Net worth: $360m

Tom Hardy, NFL player
Net worth: $180m

Nicole Kidman, actress
Net worth: $130m

Keith Urban, singer
Net worth: $75m

Anne Hathaway, actress
Net worth: $35m

Adam Shulman, actor/jeweller
Net worth: $1m

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, actress
Net worth: $200m

Brad Hall, director/actor/writer
Net worth: $10m