Free Pimms, Pina Colada, biscuits, water bottle and trees

Sarah Coles
Wimbledon 2017 - Day Three - The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club
Wimbledon 2017 - Day Three - The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club

At this point in Wimbledon fortnight we'd expect torrential downpours and deals on soup, but this year is an exception, and we're finding sunshine and free cocktails. If you've been enjoying the glorious weather, we have the freebies you need to make it even more fantastic - from free Pimms and lemonade, to free strawberries and cream and free Pina Coladas.

If the heat is all getting a bit much, you can even get your hands on free trees - for a welcome spot of shade.

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Free Pimms and Lemonade or Gin and Tonic
Wimbledon fortnight is the perfect excuse for drinking classically British summery mixers and claiming you're just doing your bit to support British tennis players. Thanks to a deal for new users of, you can get your Pimms and lemonade or gin and tonic for free. You just sign up to Topcashback, pick up £5 worth of pre-mixed drinks, take a picture of your receipt and upload it to the site. This deal is valid for new members until midnight 30th July.

Free strawberries and cream
If you fancy making the most of Wimbledon, and spirits aren't your thing, then Topcashback has an alternative deal for its new members - offering £5 worth of free strawberries and cream until 16 July. Again you just join the site, take a picture of your receipt and upload it.

Free Pina Colada
It's apparently Pina Colada Day, and to celebrate, the users of have spotted that Malibu is giving away vouchers for a free drink. They can be redeemed any time until midnight on Monday. You'll need to start by registering for your voucher, then visiting one of the participating bars - and showing the voucher on your phone. The only downside is that each bar only has 84 of the drinks to give away each evening, so if you arrive a bit later on, you may miss out. If you're very keen, therefore, it might be worth making your Pina Colada the first drink of the night.

Free biscuits
This is part of an ongoing offer, but the users of have pointed out that it's a way to get an entire packet of biscuits for nothing - so it's worth taking advantage of if you haven't already. The deal is the Lotus Biscoff Try Me Free promotion. You just buy a packet of the biscuits which has the 'try me free' sticker on it - before 30 September, then enter your details online in order to claim your money back.

Free water bottle
This does require a purchase, but given the fact that it means buying sun lotion in the summer, it's the kind of purchase we can get behind. You just buy two Soltan branded products from Boots (which start at £4), and you'll get a free Cars water bottle. It means you've stocked up on sun lotion - and you already own the obligatory merchandise for Cars 3 - the pester power hit of the summer

Free trees
The users of have spotted that the Woodland Trust is giving away free trees to bring joy to a corner of your local school or community. You just choose your pack, and fill out an application - and if you're successful you'll get your delivery this winter (when it's the best time to plant trees). You could make a dramatic difference to an unloved patch of ground. In fact you could make it to an enormous area, because you can apply for up to 420 trees. However, you will need to be part of a school or community group in order to apply, because they are looking for signs you can look after the trees once they are planted too.