The worst grammar fails of the high street

Waitrose grammar fail
Waitrose grammar fail

Waitrose is being ridiculed for an embarrassing oversight, after encouraging shoppers to buy something for their teacher for the end of term with a sign reading: "Gift's for Teacher's. It's impressive to be able to get so many mistakes into such a few words, and as one Twitter user noted as she tweeted a picture of the mistake: "They'll definitely need a gift after seeing this notice."

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It's not the first time that high street shops have been left red-faced by this kind of error. We've unearthed seven of our favourites of recent years.

1. Last month Poundland customers pointed out an error on an inspirational piece of artwork. It read: "Dreams. Believe you can and your halfway there."

2. In January this year Topshop faced the music after putting the words 'its not you its me', on a T-shirt - deciding not to bother with those pesky apostrophes.

3. It's not the first time the chain has made this kind of mistake. In 2012 Topshop tried to print a T-shirt with the words 'Romeo Romeo. Wherefore art thou Romeo?' Shakespeare. However, they went for a less common spelling of the bard's name: Shakespere.

4. In 2016, Justin Bieber was roundly mocked after a $45 T-shirt sold at his Purpose tour spelled the word as 'Purose'.

5. Back in 2015 it was H&M's turn to face humiliation, when it tried to print a T-Shirt using Edison's famous quote that: "Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety nine percent perspiration. Unfortunately, the genius in charge of spelling, opted for 'Genious.'

6. In 2014, Primark joined the hall of infamy, when it sold a T-shirt claiming "Sometimes you just need a break in a beatutiful place."

7. Perhaps the most embarrassing mistake was back in 2004, when Crystal Palace revealed its official shirts, emblazoned 'Chrystal Palace'.