Tory leadership contest would be 'catastrophic' for Brexit talks, says Davis

A Tory leadership contest would be "catastrophic" for EU withdrawal negotiations, Brexit Secretary David Davis has said.

Mr Davis, who is tipped as one of the front runners to succeed Theresa May as Prime Minister, said the country needed a stable backdrop for its attempts to cut a Brexit deal with Brussels.

Asked if a leadership contest would be catastrophic for those negotiations, Mr Davis told the BBC's Andrew Marr show: "Yes. Yes.

"Let me be absolutely plain about this, number one, I happen to think we have got a very good Prime Minister. I know she is coming under a lot of pressure at the moment, but I have seen her in action.

"I think she is very good. She makes good decisions. She's bold. She takes her time.

"Point number two is, I want a stable backdrop to this Brexit negotiation."

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