Parrot, guinea pig and hedgehog among pets affected by tower block 'decant'


A hedgehog and a parrot are just some of the pets residents being evacuated from four high-rise tower blocks have registered with the council.

Thousands of tenants from more than 650 flats in Taplow, Dorney, Bray and Burnham towers in Camden were evacuated after firefighters said they could not guarantee the safety of the buildings, council leader Georgia Gould said.

The four buildings have been found to be covered with the same type of cladding as used at Grenfell, five miles to the south west, where at least 79 people died in the June 14 tragedy.

Camden Council also said late on Friday there were also concerns over "gas pipe insulation" that made a "decant" of residents "essential", with Ms Gould stating the combination of these issues with the cladding made the building unsafe.

Many of those forced to leave their homes have also been registering the non-human members of their household, as they look to move into temporary accommodation while corrective work is carried out over the next two to four weeks.

Senior animal welfare officer, Joe Clarke, from Islington Council who are working in partnership with Camden, said animals registered with them so far include 12 dogs, six cats, two budgies, a cockatiel, a parrot, two hamsters, a guinea pig, three tanks of fish, and a hedgehog.

He told the Press Association: "That's just the residents we have spoken to who have pets, and we are looking at finding out what their arrangements are and finding out how we can help and support them.

"In most cases we anticipate the animals will be staying with owners."

He said if the animal is unable to go with its owners there are a number of options they can consider, such as council-run kennel facilities and said there have been offers of help and support from the Cats Protection League, the RSPCA and a local dog group.

Mr Clarke encouraged those residents who have not yet done so, to register their pets with them at Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre.

"Our main goal is to try and keep people with their pets but where that can't be accommodated we will offer help and support," he added.