Nuclear bunker up for sale - but we can't tell you where it is

A view inside the bunker
A view inside the bunker

It's one of the most mysterious properties on the market right now: the agents won't supply more than one picture, or even say exactly where it is.

All we know is that it's somewhere in Switzerland and that it has a decidedly unusual past: as a military nuclear bunker.

The property is certainly spacious - it stretches to 15,000 square metres, and is said to sleep 1,500 people. And it has all mod cons, including electromagnetic pulse protection, a dark fibre network connection and an air filtration system. It has a reservoir to supply water and miles of tunnels big enough for vehicles.

Even the price is pretty secret, but is reported to be at least £25 million.

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Of course, it's not likely to make anyone a cosy home. But surveying firm Griffiths Eccles says it could have a wide range of uses, including 'hyper-secure' storage, a data centre, disaster recovery or research. It could even become a personal bunker.

And the company says it's already had lots of interest in the bunker, which lies deep inside a mountain and was bought from the government by a group of investors about ten years ago.

Switzerland is chock-full of nuclear bunkers, thanks to laws that came into force during the cold war which required the building of enough to house the entire population of the country.

Other similar bunkers in the country have been turned into hotels and museums - even a cheese factory and a mushroom farm.

And you might be surprised to find that it's not just in Switzerland that nuclear bunkers come on the market - there's one up for sale in Northern Ireland right now.

In Ballymena, County Antrim, it can support 236 people for 30 days and comes with 'original fixtures and fittings'. It's up for sale for £575,000 through agent Lambert Smith Hampton.

Three years ago we reported on a bunker for sale in Devon that was priced at £400,000, while another, in Nottinghamshire, went on the market a year later for just £75,000.