Holidaymakers' pounds go less far this year due to post-Brexit vote slide

Holidaymakers could be in for a shock when they add up the final cost of trips abroad this summer, analysts are warning.

Chris Saint, a senior analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown Currency Service, said the pound's slide against the euro means a family could end up paying £141 more now to get the same amount of euro that they could have got a year ago for £1,000.

He said those travelling to South Africa could find themselves among the worst hit, following the post-Brexit vote slide in the pound.

Mr Saint said: "To get the same amount of rand as £1,000 would have bought on the eve of the referendum, you would need to fork out £1,300 now."

He said the Turkish lira is one of the few currencies where holidaymakers' pounds now go further than they did in June 2016.

Mr Saint continued: "Many British holidaymakers could be in for a shock when they tot up the final cost of their trips abroad this summer."

He added: "Another downside of a weaker pound is of course rising inflation which is leading to a squeeze on consumer incomes.

"The silver lining to a weaker currency however is that it makes UK produced goods more competitive on the export market, which should give a boost to British industry."

Here is how much holidaymakers face paying now to get the same amount of foreign currency that £1,000 would have bought them a year ago, in June 2016, according to analysis from Hargreaves Lansdown Currency Service:

:: South African rand, £1,300 

:: Russian ruble, £1,281

:: Taiwan dollar, £1,223 

:: Indian rupee, £1,212 

:: Thai baht, £1,203 

:: Czech koruna, £1,181 

:: Polish zloty, £1,180 

:: Hungarian forint, £1,164 

:: New Zealand dollar, £1,164 

:: Australian dollar, £1,163 

:: US dollar, £1,160 

:: Hong Kong dollar, £1,153 

:: Danish krone, £1,142 

:: Euro, £1,141 

:: Swiss franc, £1,140 

:: Singapore dollar, £1,123 

:: Norwegian krone, £1,121 

:: Canadian dollar, £1,121 

:: Japanese yen, £1,102 

:: Malaysian ringgit, £1,090 

:: Swedish krona, £1,087 

:: Turkish lira, £948

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