Dog mansions that cost more than your home: crazy pet products

Hecate Verona Dog Manors is building incredibly expensive houses for dogs, which look like mini mansions, and come complete with air conditioning, lighting and automatic treat dispensers.

There's even a conference calling system, where the dog and the owner can communicate with one another. Presumably this works brilliantly with dogs - which are famed for their conference calling skills.

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The properties are inspired by different architectural influences, so you can find one that blends seamlessly between the leisure complex and the multilevel entertaining space in the grounds of your mega-mansion.

You can also be confident that your dog will like it, as it was hand-built after consultation with pet psychologists. This means the homes are split into a living room and a bedroom - and the living room has a panoramic view of the surroundings. Apparently dogs like this, so they can protect their territory.

The only slight downside is the cost. Apparently the cheapest option will set you back $40,000 (£31,400), while the priciest one will cost you $200,000 (£157,000). For the extra cash you get to bling-up your dog's mansion with oak floors, marble features and Swarovski crystal chandeliers - the kinds of features that will make all the difference to your four-legged friend.

There is, of course, an alternative. The other way they can get a panoramic view of their surroundings during the day is to go outside, while if you want to spoil them with comfort when it's time for bed, there's always the luxury and splendour of a dog basket.

Spoiled dogs

If, however, this dog mansion is just the ticket for your pampered pooch, then don't overlook the other potential ways to spend a small fortune on your dog. We've tracked down five ridiculously expensive options.

1. Bed: £520
Dog beds can cost anything you choose to spend on them. You can, for example, buy a Chesterfield leather dog bed for your pup, for the impressive price of £455 - or opt for the real Italian leather version for £520.

2. Bowl: £500
Dog bowls, meanwhile, don't need to be an old cereal bowl that has seen better days, you can fork out for a £500 Ruby and Walter Crown Derby pet bowl - hand guilded with 22-carat gold.

3. Pet carrier £1,920
Of course you're free to carry your dog around in any old pet carrier. If you really loved them, however, you would fork out for a Louis Vuitton dog carrier - a snip at just £1,920.

4. Collar: £125,550
There are some impressive dog collars, but none of them are a patch on the La Jeune Tulipe Diamond Dog Pet Collar, which will set you back $159,999 (£125,550). It features a number of diamonds, plus a 1.52-carat marquise-cut diamond as a pendant. Presumably this isn't for the kind of dog who dashes off through the undergrowth and rolls in fox excrement on a daily basis.

5. Tiara: £3.3 million
Finally, for the dog that has everything, you can get a custom-made dog tiara. Perhaps unsurprisingly these don't tend to be stocked as standard, but in 2009 at a dog show in Bangkok, a Thai jewellery designer showcased a tiara he had made for his own dog - complete with 1250 carats of emeralds and diamonds, His tiara was worth $4.2 million (£3.3 million), and he revealed that while this particular tiara wasn't for sale, he was open to commissions.

But what do you think? How long would it take your dog to chew through this lot?

Crazy inventions you need now
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Crazy inventions you need now

For those days when you can’t beat a game of ping pong but can’t be bothered to bring the table down from the loft, why not try the ping pong door from Tobias Fräenzel?

It’s a fully-functioning door, but when you need a spot of pinging and ponging you can flip it down to form a table. has it on offer for 990 euros. Just don't ask how people get through the doorway while you're playing.

Some people think that babies are nothing but hard work, and that you spend your life clearing up after them. But those people haven’t discovered the baby mop - a baby-gro with cleaning pads attached, so your loved one can clean as he or she crawls. It’s never to early to have them do their bit around the house. The baby-gro is on sale at for £29.99

Strolling around with a baby in a buggy is all very well and good, but what if you're tired of strolling, or you're in a hurry?

If you need to speed things up then inventor Valentin Vodev has the answer, with the scooter/buggy hybrid. So far the prototype is not on the market, but surely it can only be a matter of time.

Just think of all those hours you wasted making paper planes by folding them. Now you can cut the process down to less than a second with this paper plane gun, which makes the planes inside and fires them for you.

The gun itself was made with the genius of one man and the aid of a 3D printer, and it’s going to change the world of paper planes forever - once it gets beyond the prototype stage.

It's one of life's great questions. How can you carry an umbrella and a cup of coffee - and still be able to open doors?

Step forward the umbrella cup holder from Korea, with a nifty cup holder in the handle of the brolly that will leave your other hand spare for the other great challenges in life.

Eating lunch at your desk is never a delight. However, when you’ve packed a salad or soup and no cutlery it can make the whole process into a lunchtime nightmare.

Fortunately some clever soul has invented the ink pen cap eating utensils. Just keep them in your drawer, attach the knife, fork or spoon head to your pen, and you have a brilliant eating utensil.

Just don't ask why you can't just keep plastic cutlery in your drawer instead.

For anyone who has ever wondered where their pet goes all day - or whose animal has a habit of wandering off - fear not because now you can track it.

The G-Paws GSP tracker fits on their collar so that no matter where they roam, you can easy track them down. also points out it’s handy for tracking a trail of destruction, or for keeping tabs on your dog walker too.

Are you sick of your packed lunch going missing from the office fridge? Well those horrors could soon be a thing of the past with the theft deterrent sandwich bags.

For just $4.99 you can get a plastic sandwich bag with fake mould printed onto it. Those green splodges will mean that no matter how light-fingered your colleagues are, they’ll keep their hands off your lunch.

You might have thought that dogs are capable of getting wet and just shaking it off, but if you're worried that your pampered pooch is suffering, you can invest in a dog umbrella.

These are held by the owner, with an upside-down shade to hold over your dog in inclement weather. These bargains are available for $8.99 on

Have you ever wondered who these people are with the time and patience to make their own sushi? Well now you can be one of them - but without the time and patience - because the sushi bazooka will make it for you.

Just load the gun with the rice and top with your filling, then seal it and squeeze. The sushi gun will then fire out a perfectly formed sushi roll. Your eating habits will be transformed for just £19.99 from


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