New Brexit proposals 'urgently needed', Nicola Sturgeon tells Theresa May


Nicola Sturgeon has told the Prime Minister that new Brexit proposals are "urgently needed" with less than a week to go until talks with the European Union (EU) begin.

In a letter sent to Downing Street on Tuesday, the First Minister repeated her calls for the UK Government to adopt a "much more inclusive process" following the General Election.

She said people are "becoming increasingly worried about the confusion surrounding the UK's position", with Theresa May yet to appoint a negotiating team with a "stable mandate".

Ms Sturgeon wants a cross-party approach, with involvement from the devolved nations, centred on maintaining European single market membership.

She suggested the Scottish Government's own document, produced before the election, could be used as a "blueprint" for such an approach.

In the letter, she states: "During the election you sought a mandate for your proposals to leave the European single market.

"That proposal failed to garner support, it is now clear that a new proposal is urgently needed to protect the economy and bring people together.

"The proposals contained in the Scottish Government document, 'Scotland's Place in Europe', provide a blueprint for this approach.

"Adopting these proposals for the UK as a whole will bring clarity, in place of the current confusion, and provide a coherent base for the UK's future relationship with the EU."