The Father's Day cards your dad can eat

Embargoed until 00:01 Monday 12th June: Moonpig has today launched the world’s first range of meat flavoured cards, ‘Meating Cards’ for Father’s Day. The leading online personalised card and gift retailer is offering the edible range for a limited time only to allow people to give a little something back to Dad. The cards, which come in two of every Dad’s favourite flavours – BBQ and Spicy Hot – smell and taste just like the real thing.

The way to a man's heart, they say, is through his stomach - and if you can't afford to take your dad out for lunch this Father's Day there is an alternative.

Several retailers have come up with a way of killing two birds with one stone, by creating cards that you can eat.

Moonpig has what is probably the most bizarre option, in the form of edible 'Meating Cards', made of rice paper and infused with edible scents and ink; they come in two flavours, BBQ and spicy hot.

"Our 'Meating Cards' allow dads to enjoy their favourite BBQ or spicy flavours without lifting a finger in the kitchen," says James Sturrock, Moonpig managing director.

"While we love the classic Father's Day gifts, we're always on the lookout for different ways to help make dad's day special, and with food gifts being so popular with our customers, these cards are a delicious prospect."

You can win one on the Moonpig website here.

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More conventional - just about - are the chocolate Father's Day cards from DYP, which cost £14.99. Messages include the restrained - 'Happy Father's Day' and the rather more specific 'Daddy Thanks for Wiping My Bum'.

When it comes to cookies and biscuits, there are even more options.

Funky Food Gifts, for example, has a 'No. 1 Dad Father's Day Medal' cookie for £9.00, with other customisable options ranging from £6.95 to £21.99.

Biscuiteers offers an 'I love you Dad' set of six cookies for £9, and Message Muffins has a 'Dear Dad cookiegram' for £7.99 and a 'You're a Star Dad Cookiegram' for £1 more.

But if your dad demurs at the idea of eating his Father's Day card, point him to the experience of parenting blogger Papa Pukka, who has sampled one of Moonpig's meaty cards.

"I never know what to do with old greeting cards and I'm always ready for a meaty snack, so this is great," he says.

"Also, eating paper makes me feel like a spy, and this paper has a surprisingly full flavour."

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