Could do batter! Tim Farron upstaged by a fish finger at election result

Independent candidate stole the show


General Election 2017 declaration

MP Tim Farron was upstaged during his own victory speech by a fish finger.

The Liberal Democrats leader has managed to hold on to his seat at Cumbria's Westmorland and Lonsdale, despite a reduced majority of 777.

As the vote count was made 'o-fish-cial' overnight, constituents found they were paying more attention to one of the losing candidates standing behind Farron.

General Election 2017 declaration

The independent candidate, who changed his name from Paul Ellis to Mr Fish Finger by deed poll, announced his plans to run in April and vowed to "put Farron in his plaice".

Mr Fish Finger, who received 309 votes compared to Farron's 23,686, promised to 'conduct any related business dressed as a fish finger' if elected.

Among his policies were "no more foreign fish in our fingers".

Unfortunately for the fishmongers of Westmorland and Lonsdale, they'll have to hope Mr Fish Finger can do 'batter' next time.

General Election 2017 declaration