The bizarre vending machines that serve the unexpected

A butcher in Wisconsin has come up with a novel way for people to get their hands on meat when he's closed - he has put a meat vending machine outside his shop. It's a bizarre idea - but it's far from the weirdest.

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The idea of being able to help yourself to sausages if you have a meat emergency in the middle of the night will appeal to some people. Others won't be so excited by the idea of getting a pack of mince from a machine on the street.

This butcher is certainly striking out on an unusual route, but he's not the first to dream up an unusual take on the vending machine. We've tracked down ten of the most bizarre.

1. Crabs. A vending machine selling live crabs in plastic containers opened in China in 2013. The crabs sell for £2-£6.50 depending on their size.

2. Cupcakes. The first cupcake vending machine opened in Beverley Hills in 2012, and was such a success that it sold 1,000 cupcakes a day.

3. Ferraris. A used car seller in Singapore claims to have the world's largest luxury car vending machine - from a 15-storey building, selling 60 luxury cars, which can be viewed through the glass fronted building and bought with the touch of a button.

4. Gold bullion. For the billionaire who has everything, how about a vending machine that dispenses bars of gold and gold coins? The bizarre gold ATM opened first in Abu Dhabi, and in 2011 opened its first gold ATM in West London.

5. Mashed potato. Singapore convenience stores apparently commonly house vending machines, dispensing mash with gravy for all your mash-related needs at any time of the day or night.

6. Caviar. Only in Beverly Hills would you have a vending machine specialising in caviar. In case your luxury food needs aren't satisfied with fish eggs, it also stocks snails and truffles.

7. Ties. In Japan, a tie vending machine will help avoid the walk of shame - or tie-related dramas on the day you misread the dress code.

8. Flip-flops. For that impromptu trip to the beach - or those who left their shoes too close to an incoming tide - Sydney in Australia is home to a flip-flop vending machine.

9. Lettuce. One bizarre vending machine in Japan actually grows lettuces under fluorescent lights - and then sells them. It grows about 60 a day.

10. Baguettes. This Paris vending machine stores part-baked baguettes. When you pay, the machine will finish baking the bread, and dispense it hot.