Father’s Day freebies - celebrate for free

Sarah Coles
Father's Day Freebies
Father's Day Freebies

Father's Day is on 18th June this year, and so is just around the corner. Dads are notoriously difficult to buy for, and when money is tight, the problem gets even worse.

Fortunately, there are plenty of freebies around that will help you celebrate without the cost.

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Free Father's Day cards
If you're on the O2 Network - and you're quick - you can get your hands on a free Father's Day card from Choosey. The drawback with this deal is that postage isn't included, so you'll have to pay for that. The interesting bonus is that you can record a free video message on your phone. Then when your dad gets his card in the post he can download the app and use the code in his card to see your video online.

Free father's day e-card - with beer
Magic freebies have spotted the fact you can send your Dad a Father's Day e-card for free from Marstons - and it comes with a voucher for free drink. You just pop onto the website and pick from a pint of Pedigree, a soft drink, a glass of wine or a pint of Fosters. You can then pick the location nearest to him, and fill out your details. Your dad will get his free card on the day.

2 pints of free beer
The users of HotUKdeals.com have spotted that you can get two free pints at any Fuller's Pub, so you and your dad can have one each. It's actually part of a competition to win him the run of a pub for the day, but even if you're not feeling lucky, the freebie is a nice way to kick off your celebrations.

Free magazine
The Week is a weekly current affairs magazine, designed to round up the big news of the week in an easily-digestible form. It reprints articles from over 200 international sources, so your dad will be well-informed, without the effort. The publishers are giving away free issues in order to tempt you to sign up to a subscription, but there's nothing stopping you from getting the freebie for your dad - without committing to any kind of long-term deal.

Free after shave balm
This is a pretty generous freebie, because L'Occitane After Shave Balms are worth £10 - so you'll need to get in quick before they run out. The deal comes from Mr Hyde, and all you have to do is sign up for the daily newsletter in order to get your freebie voucher (you'll need to go into your nearest store to pick your balm up). Deal-hunters tend to have a dedicated email address for this kind of thing, to stop daily emails clogging up their inbox.